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To Mom’s with a Special Needs Child

I come across many mom’s that are on this same journey as we are. Some ahead of us, and others just starting out. I want to share my heart to those mothers that are in the beginning of this new life. I hope these suggestions encourage you.

Momma’s life is and will be different. It is full of therapies and doctors appointments, but rest assured it will not always be that way. If you have older kids please try to include them as much as possible. Also talk with them, make a special trip to get ice cream just one on one. You are going to be so busy, but you want to make sure the other children know you are still there for them. Make sure you explain the situation and that their sibling needs a little more of mommy at this time. Kids understand more than we realize.

You may loose some friends. I wish I can say this won’t happen, and maybe it won’t to you. But with most mothers, it does. People often don’t understand this journey you are going through. Some people can’t handle the up and down of our lives and even our emotions. It is a roller coaster. We have to understand that some people are not equipped to handle it even from afar. God will bring those friends into your life that will be right for you. That I do know also.

You are going to have your days- if you haven’t already. You are going to feel defeated. Don’t stay there. Maybe you received test results that you prayed about over and over, and they weren’t good. It’s okay to be mad. Don’t stay there. Maybe you are trying some expensive therapy and not seeing results. It’s okay to be disappointed. Don’t stay there. Keep pushing forward. You are so strong, I know that. I know that because, Why? Because you are the best mother for your child.

You are going to have to push your child, even when they don’t want to do whatever it is they are working on. You have to. You have to because you know what is best, and you know what they can achieve with hard work. You also will know when to stop and give them a much needed break. Always remember that even the simplest of things won’t come easy to them. Something as simple as blowing a bubble of a wand, is hard. Push when needed, and take breaks when needed.

Don’t give up. Don’t you ever give up! Think outside the box, try something else. Just don’t ever give up-not on your child, and not on yourself.

Always remember that they know more than you may realize. Trust me they do!

Always keep in mind that their brains are amazing, delicate and strong. The brain can re-route around the damaged area and make entirely new pathways. So all the hard work you are doing, over and over and over with your child-is doing the brain good. Keep it up! Also change it up at times, the brain needs that as well.

Work with the therapist. Stay in the rooms, ask questions, lots of questions. Ask for homework, things you can work on until they come back again. Than be sure to do it. The therapist can be your child’s biggest cheerleaders, and a great support to them and the family. If they aren’t you can always find ones that are.

Speak up. Find your voice, momma because you will need it. You are going to be advocating for your child. Be sure you do your research, and be sure to not let anyone make you feel less than when you are speaking. Oh, remember to always be confident when you speak.

Trust your gut. This is a biggie. Doctors may want to do some unnecessary tests or surgeries. Yes, they do. I have experienced this first hand. Follow your gut, and again research.

Research…that keeps coming up because is that important. Make sure you understand the diagnosis.

It is okay to get a second opinion. Let’s face it doctors aren’t always watching out for the best interest of the patients these days. So you need to. They may feel something is the best and only option for your child, when in reality it isn’t. So trust your gut if something doesn’t set right.

Think outside the box. There are so many alternative therapies that have amazing benefits. Doctors may not agree to them, and that is okay. Look into everything that is out there. We have had great success with our daughter and some alternative therapies and supplements.

Take care of you. It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself. It is a necessity. This took me years to figure out. So please listen and don’t waste years like I did. Go get your hair done, or see a movie, or hang out with your best friend. These things will do your soul good. You need this time to be able to get away and not have to think about what tomorrow brings.

When your having a rough day put on some encouraging and uplifting music. Dance and sing, look silly-it is okay, Let the music flow through you and clear your mind. Thank God for all he is doing, because trust me- he is working behind the scenes.

Just remember, you can do this, and you are not alone. Although you may feel you are, most of the time. If you ever need to talk or have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me anytime.

God Bless You Momma


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