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Super Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew-Using Dehydrated Veggies

Who doesn’t love beef stew! Especially this time of the year. I have a great recipe to share with you. I know the closer it gets to the holidays the busier we all are. This is one dinner that won’t keep you in the kitchen for very long. This beef stew is the perfect dump and go crock pot meal!

It has been a busy week. I have been doing a good bit of freezer cooking and canning this week. Trying to restock on some items I am running out of. So I wanted to grab out the crock pot, and let it do the cooking for me.

Today’s recipe does involve a beef stew seasoning packet. When your mornings are busy and you are rushing out the door, these seasoning packets truly come in handy!

I often get asked how I use my dehydrated veggies, so here is a great recipe using only dehydrated veggies and powders. The only thing store-bought is the seasoning packets.

Crock Pot Beef Stew

This truly is a dump and go recipe. You dump all your ingredients into your crock pot and turn on low for 8-9 hours or high for 5-6 hours. When using dehydrated veggies you do need to keep in mind that they will soak up a good bit of your liquids. So you have to account for that and add more liquids when using dehydrated veggies. I accounted for that in this recipe. If you are making this with fresh veggies you can reduce the liquids.


Canning Beef Stew

If you want to can the leftovers as I did, or make this and can it for a rainy day. You would process pints for 75 minutes and quarts for 90 minutes.

  1. Take your hot jars and scoop in your beef stew.
  2. Leave a 1-in headspace
  3. Wipe your rims and place lid and ring onto your jar
  4. Place your hot jars into your hot pressure canner
  5. Vent for 10 minutes
  6. Bring to the correct pressure for your altitude and start your timer.
  7. When your timer goes off, shut off your heat and allow the pressure canner to release the pressure naturally
  8. Remove the jars from the canner carefully and place on a towel
  9. Leave the jars undisturbed for 24 hours
  10. After 24 hours be sure to check your seals and remove your rings

Quick Tip

Be sure you are conditioning all your dehydrated food! I think this is a step often overlooked.

I enjoy your feedback and questions, Be sure to leave either one below!

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