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Momma’s We All Need That One Best Friend

My dear friend blessed me with the coffee mug. I don’t know if she will understand just how much this touched my heart.

I can’t say this enough…Mom’s you need that one best friend. It is so important to have that person who, you can be you around. That friend who will drop everything and come right to your side. That friend who you can call or text at any hour of the night. That friend who sits in the hospital with you time and time again. That friend who loves you unconditionally.

Friends like this really do your soul some good. Trust me I know. I am blessed to have a friend who has done all the above and so much more. We have been through the ups and downs of life together. We haven’t always agreed with each other, I am kind of opiniated at times (I’m working on that). We have hurt each other, not deliberately by any means. Through it all we could never not be friends…I really believe that. I really believe she was chosen by God to be my dearest friend.

Why am I sharing this, well because life is hard. Life is muddy and mundane at times. It is easy as a parent, specially a stay at home mom to become more introverted. We need to make sure we make time for ourselves and time with our friends. Even if it’s ordering in and having a game night.

Friendships have been proven to improve your health. I can completely see that. How often do you find yourself laughing when your with your friend? Laughing improves your help. How about when they ask your thoughts about something, that makes you feel good. Your opinion is valued. Friendship is so very important. So please don’t let these times we are in, keep you from some much needed time with your bestie.

I pray you have a friend that is, “You’re Person”. Someone that will laugh, cry, and even pray with and for you. Just always remember to be that friend as well.


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