If You Haven’t Started Saving Seeds; Now Is The Time

This photo box is perfect for storing your seeds.

Have you went to order good heirloom seeds, only to see that most of what you are looking for is sold out? I have. So this year I decided to save my seeds. I wanted to share with you how and why you should do the same.

For about 10 years now I have ordered all my seeds from Bakers Creek. They offer a huge array of vegetables, fruits and flowers. In my opinion they have the best seeds. I have had some beautiful gardens over the years! At the beginning of the season, I purchased a lot of seeds. I went a tad bit over board, says no one ever!!! I went back to buy more sugar snap peas, and I noticed they were sold out of almost everything. I figured I better save our seeds.

Note to self, you don’t need to plant 100 squash seeds!!

Let’s talk seeds, shall we?

What is a heirloom Seed?

Heirloom vegetables are exactly what you would think they are. They are open-pollinated seeds, that have been handed down through multiple generations of families.

What is a hybrid seed?

Hybrid seeds are seeds that have been created by crossing two selected varieties, often resulting in a higher yielding crop without a lot of work on your part.

Are heirloom seeds better than hybrid seeds?

Heirloom seeds are known for producing a better quality product. They have better flavors and more nutrients than a hybrid seed.

That last sentence is why I only use heirloom seeds. Flavor and Nutrients. I want all the nutrients I can get from our fruits and vegetables. Don’t you? I know heirloom seeds require more work. They don’t fight off diseases like the hybrid seeds do. So you will need to tend to them more, but I promise it is worth your time.

Why should you save seeds?

Seeds can get adapted to your land

When you save seeds from your best plants, that you grew on your land, those seeds gradually develop varieties that are better adapted to your soil, climate, and growing conditions. Did you know that? How neat is that!!

Save Money

If you ever have ordered seeds, you know you can easily spend hundreds of dollars. Or is that just me?! Well anyways, you can save significantly by saving your seeds season after season. On the flip side you can sell them as well. When you have 40 pounds of okra left, and one pod can yield 40 seeds easy, you have plenty to sell.


You may have stuck gold this year with the best tasting tomato ever. Only to find out the following year, you can’t find that same variety. If you save those seeds you don’t need to worry about that.

Sharing/Host a seed swap

Remember that 40 pounds of okra you had left over (cough, cough). Well your best friend and her family love okra. Go ahead and share!! Have a seed swap within your community!

Have I convinced you yet why it is important to save seeds?

If so, let’s talk about how to save them.

Many people say you need to store them in the refrigerator. You can, but you don’t have to. They need to be kept in a cool dark place. In an air tight container or packets. I love this photo container, the seed packets fit perfectly in the holders. You can use glass jars if you prefer. It is all up to you.

So let those veggies grow and get those seeds.

Someone asked me if they could dry them in a dehydrator. I would say no. Get the seeds and set them in a clean warm area and let them dry naturally. This maybe the only time I say no to dehydrating something!

If you would like to swap seeds, comment below! Blessings

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