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Homesteading Heartbreaks; Losing an Animal

This is Little Bit, my first bottle fed calf.

I love our little life on our little bit of earth, God has really blessed us. It isn’t a big piece of land by any means, but it is ours, and we are grateful.

There are numerous joys to raising your own animals, and then there is the heartbreak of losing them. It doesn’t happen often, but it does eventually happen. I’m sure many homesteaders have faced the loss of an animal. It never gets any easier.

I just wanted to share a little bit with you about my, Little Bit. He was my very first bottle fed calf. When we first arrived home with him he was 4 days old. We never really intended on getting a bottled fed calf, (my husband didn’t want to add anymore to my plate) but he was just SO.DARN.CUTE. Look at that face…who could pass that baby up! So it began, my twice daily bottle feedings along with lots of hugs and babying.

That didn’t last long because days later he became sick, and despite our best efforts, he didn’t survive. You may ask, why would I post this? Well because this is life, it is our life. Little Bit, was apart of it, and he is missed.

We do raise our animals for meat, but even still we also love them and give them a good life. I just wanted to share with you this sweet little boy, that I had the joy of taking care of. Just wish he was able to still be with us.

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