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Dehydrating Mushrooms

When it comes to mushrooms, I think you either love them or hate them. I find this statement true with our family. So to appease both the mushroom lovers and the picky eaters, I use a little trick to get in the flavor without the big chunks of mushrooms.

Dehydrating Mushrooms

How to Dehydrate Mushrooms

Whether you have grown your own or bought them from the store, dehydrating mushrooms are so simple.

As always you want to clean your mushrooms…please do me a favor, don’t dump them in water. Mushrooms are like sponges and they will soak up the water, all they need is a quick wipe with a clean cloth. You are just wanting to remove any dirt on the mushrooms.

Once you do that you can slice them up or keep whole and place them on your trays. Set your temperature at 125 degrees, and your timer for 8-14 hours. The time is based off of how you have prepared your mushrooms.


Dehydrating time breakdown by size:

Sliced Mushrooms will take approximately 8 hours to dry.

Whole Mushrooms will take between 10-14 hours to dry.


How do you know they are dry?

The mushrooms should break in half if they are completely dry.

Conditioning and Storing

After you have properly conditioned your mushrooms place them in an air tight container for long term storage.

My dehydrated mushrooms and corn.

Ways to use your dehydrated Mushrooms

You can use them in any dish you make. If you are cooking or baking the dish just add in the mushrooms. They will cook with the dish. If you want to rehydrate them, put them in a bowl and add boiling hot water to them. Let them sit 10-15 minutes and you are ready to go.

Here I’m adding some dehydrated mushrooms to my homemade spaghetti sauce!

Helpful Hints

At the beginning of this post I mentioned some a little helpful hint to using mushrooms without having big chunks. Once they are dry, I put them in my Vitamix blender and blend them into powder. Than I can add that into the dish and get the flavor without the large mushroom pieces. I do this with many other veggies as well.

Also I purchase many items from the store when they have been marked down. When I come across these good deals, I get a good bit. They won’t go to waste. I will either dehydrate or can them. If you are looking to stock your shelves, keep an eye out on the marked down produce. As soon as you get home wash and get it put up.

Found mushrooms marked down!! Came straight home and got them into the dehydrator.

Be Blessed and be sure to leave me a comment, about any useful hints you may have about mushrooms!

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