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Dehydrated Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Chips

Apple season is among us!! It is the perfect time to get out that dehydrator and make some of these delicious dehydrated cinnamon and sugar apple chips.

These yummy treats are a huge hit amongst our children, to make it even better they are healthy. You can omit the sugar if you want a sugar-free option. Either way, these are delicious. I am sure your crew will enjoy them as much as mine.

Step One

Wash and scrub all your apples.

Step Two

Get out your slicer and non-cut gloves and slice the apples 1/8-in thick. If you don’t have a slicer and would like to order one, here is the one I use and recommend. Be sure to use no-cut gloves when you are using a mandoline. I love these no-cut gloves.

As you cut the apple slices you will want to put them in a bowl and spray them with some lemon juice, just to keep them from browning. If you are quick enough and getting them right into the dehydrator, you can skip this step,

Step Three

Place your apple slices on your dehydrator sheets and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. Be sure not to go overboard with the cinnamon, I may or may not have ruined a batch from too much cinnamon.

Step Four

Place your trays into the dehydrator and turn your temperature to 125 degrees. They will take anywhere from 10-12 hours to completely dry. Sometimes it may be longer, so don’t worry if it does.

Step Five : Conditioning Your Dehydrated Cinnamon and Sugar Chips

When you feel the apples are dry, remove the trays and bring them to room temperature. Check for dryness and then place them in a jar and condition them for a few days. IF you do not know what conditioning is, please watch the YouTube video below.

Step Six

When you are done conditioning your apples, (and they showed NO signs of moisture) you can place them in an airtight container. They are now shelf-stable. If they did show moisture, just put them back into your dehydrator and let them dry some more.

The finished apple chips should be brittle, and easily snap in half.

Dehydrated Cinnamon and Sugar Chips


  • Apples (any variety)
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut Sugar (you can use any kind of sugar)
  • Lemon juice

If you peel your apples you can dehydrate the peelings and turn them into powder. Or, you can make apple cider vinegar from the peelings. Here is my link on how to make homemade apple cider vinegar.

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