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Canning Sausage Patties

We have very limited space in our freezers. Since freezers seem to be a hot commodity right now, we have to make due with what we have. Which is fine with us. We had a cow and pig go into a freezer all within a month of each other. I needed to free up space so I started to can the meat. These sausage patties are great to have on hand.

Before starting I always put my jars, lids and rings in the oven on 200 degrees, and put the water in the pressure canner and turn it on.

Canning meat is so simple and easy. You can raw pack you meat, which means that you put the raw meat into cold jars and a cold canner. Or you can brown up your meat and hot pack it. Either way is just fine.

So when I can up my sausage patties, I like to brown them up a bit first. You don’t have to do this. You can raw pack it if you wish. Why I like to take this extra step is; it reduces the amount of grease in my jars and the patties won’t stick together as they finish cooking in the pressure canner.

After I brown them up, I remove my hot jars (carefully) and place the patties in the jar. Than wipe the rim clean and put on the lid and ring. Then carefully load it down into your pressure canner. These jars may float so what I do is grab a few empty jars and fill them with water. I don’t put lids on, but you can if you want. I just use them as a filler so the jars don’t move around so much.

You want to make sure to vent your canner for 10 minutes. After you have vented it, put your weight on and bring it up to pressure according to your elevation. Now set your timer for 75 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts. Be sure to not drop below the pressure or you will have to start your time all over.

Once your timer goes off, shut the heat off and let the canner come down from pressure naturally. Once the pressure is released, than remove the lid carefully and remove the jars with your jar lifters. Place the jars on a towel, and leave them undisturbed for 24 hours.

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      • Linda Cowan

        Sweetie, I would like to make a comment. Instead of putting empty jars in the canner, to fill in the empty spots. May I suggest putting clean water, with a touch of good salt and seal it up. This is called canning water, and than you will have good can water in your pantry for storage 😉. Some may ask why salt in your water, canned water has a very flat taste. Remember not all store bought bottled water taste the same . A touch of good salt will help with your electrolytes. God bless 🙏 ❤️

        • Avatar photo

          Sarah Smith

          I have lots of canned water on our shelf. I use it when we need sterile water. You can add a clean rag in there as well, makes a great addition to your medical kit!

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